Foderà Winery

Fodera Winery Sicily
History and Presentation: 
The history of this winery has been handed down for six generations but it is since 2001 that Antonino Foderà decides to start the production and bottling of his own wine for the first time, enjoying great success on the market.
Years pass and after the successful studies, the son Dario Foderà, who is currently the owner, is added to carry on the family tradition.
Foderà winery
wineyard foderà sicily wine Our vineyards are located in the north of Marsala at about 30 meters above sea level and 2.50 km from the banks of the Stagnone.
The red soils of that area are characterized by a high percentage of iron and magnesium, excellent drainage characteristics and medium fertility.
The management of the vineyards takes place under the eager and loving eye of father Antonino, an agronomist who loves nature and all that the earth gives to man where respected and preserved.

The vinification takes place in the old family cellar trying to preserve the quality of the grapes as much as possible. Oenological practices are mostly essential and never invasive in order not to alter the naturalness and territorial expression of the wines obtained.