Casano Winery

Casano Winery marsala wine
History and Presentation: 

Founded in 1940 by Antonio Casano, the winery is still today the property of the same family and is directly managed by his daughter Giovanna.
The link with the earth and the sun of this western corner of the island allows to enhance the native vines, thanks to the most modern winemaking techniques.

Casano history marsala wine

Elegant products rich in personality, complete expression of the best synthesis of tradition and innovation, these wines tell all the brightness of our territory: a wealth of aromas, flavors and colors, which only a careful and constant control of the entire production chain can guarantee. integral to reach your senses in their natural harmony.

Two precious Marsalas wisely aged, to renew the grandeur of this historic meditation and dessert wine, and four fortified wines with great character, to proudly evoke belonging to a unique and generous land.