De Gregorio Winery

De Gregorio wines Sicily sciacca
History and Presentation: 
The “De Gregorio” winery was born in an old country village, built around a 400-year watchtower; an 18th century cellar where a delicate and intense wine was produced with ancient techniques; a small oil mill created to cater for personal needs. This was the reality of the village of Ragana in Sicily and it is here that, drawing spirit from ancient traditions, Ugo Testoni's wine, produced from these lands and vinified in this cellar, was known and appreciated throughout the province and beyond. De gregorio wines
Cantine de gregorio vineyard

The company extends to the center of this crossroads of Mediterranean cultures, between Sciacca and Menfi, facing the "fantastic" Ferdinandea Island.
A territory suited to fine winemaking productions where vines have always been cultivated.

Thirty hectares, among vineyards and olive groves, where international varieties have been cultivated alongside native vines, which have found a natural habitat in this land.

The daughter Maruzza together with her husband and their children have renovated the old cellar, trying to renew a mythical memory, in the harmonious integration between past experiences and enotechnological innovations.