Our Combinations

Pistachios Pesto Sauce : you can use it to make pasta, with shellfish or fish but is also good 

with sundried tomatoes or other vegetables. It’s perfect with spek! 

Our tip is to taste it warm, and it is also good to make tapas, also in combination with our Antipasto Marinara (small fish).

Tuna and orange Patè : perfect with some mandarine jam or one caper. 

Ferdinandea Pesto Sauce : excellent to make “busiate” or to make some tapas. 

Swordfish Patè and Wild Fennel Patè : is a perfect union, also with some mandarine jam or with sundried tomatoes. 

Almonds Patè and Garlic Patè : is a nice combination, stronger taste if you add an anchovie fillet. 

Bottarga Patè : perfect combinations with almonds patè, with red onion jam or with black mulberry jam. 

Spicy Patè: is a nice combination with artichokes patè, with sundried tomatoes patè, black olives , olives and anchovies patè, and with pepper and almonds patè.

Pistachioes Patè : perfect to make some tapas. 

Onion Patè : you can make the perfect union with different jams like black mulberry

pepper jam and mandarine jam. 

Pistachios and Almonds Creams : are perfect for breakfast, to accost with cookies or to make some cakes.