Azienda Agricola Pupillo

Azienda Agricola Pupillo
History and Presentation: 

The Pupillo Agricultural Company was founded in 1909 occupying the extension of the ancient Targia Feud, a place rich in finds from the Greek, Roman, Arab and Norman periods, now fully included in the Archaeological Park of the Dionysian Walls. The fertile and varied soils of the Targia have always contributed to agricultural production of excellence, becoming renowned over the centuries also for the production of high quality wines.
Nino Pupillo has dedicated more than twenty years to giving new life to the Targia wine production. Encouraged by tutelary deities such as Gino Veronelli, Carlo Hauner and Giacomo Tachis, he started his first label, Solacium, in the 1990s. The mission of cultivating and revitalizing white Muscat in Syracuse is now in the hands of their sons Carmela and Sebastiamo, who are also committed to the new fronts of innovation and environmental sustainability.

Azienda agricola pupillo i territori
Azienda agricola pupillo moscato bianco

This large Moscato Bianco vineyard is the heart of our wine production. Easily visible at the entrance to the property, the sunniest of our vineyards is also the most complicated to irrigate and to cross with agricultural vehicles due to the spikes of rock that protrude from the thin layer of calcareous soil on which it is planted. From these vines, which are also those in production for the longest time, we produce our flagship: the Solacium passito, the dry white Cyane, the demi-sec Pollio and the new Damarete label, a recently introduced macerated white.