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Coddretto wines Sicilian winery
History and Presentation: 

The company was born in Sicily from the inspiration of a young winemaker named Giuseppe Coddretto, who strongly believes in his land and in the quality of the fruits it gives, enhancing the vineyards of his land.

Its mission is to select the best grapes with which to produce wines of excellent quality to satisfy the most demanding palates.

coddretto wines
Coddretto wines premier

The three wines on which the company focuses for now are:
"La Pura" with a bright straw yellow color and a fragrant bouquet with notes of white-fleshed fruit, where citrus and Mediterranean scrub hints blend.

"Premier" produced from Calabrian and Syrah grapes, this wine is obtained where the hints anticipate the taste, leaving you to imagine small red fruits combined with notes of cocoa. On the palate the alcohol blends with a sweet and velvety tannin.

"Lode" bright pink wine that offers the nose a fragrant and floral bouquet where hints of rose, wild flowers and wild strawberries stand out.
On the palate it is enveloping and elegant with a surprising fruit - mineral finish.