Tardivo bianco - Foderà front

Tardivo Bianco - Foderà

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Sweet white wine: P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) Sicily.

Cultivation: low-yield vineyards grown at espalier. Harvest: by hand in small boxes, to overripe grapes. Drying: grapes lying in the sun for 12 days. Vinification: crushing-stemming the grapes, maceration of the pressed at 25-28 °C for 20 days. Ageing process: flower of the wine in Allier oak barrels for 12 months and then bottled.

Bottles: of 50 cl.

Alcohol: 13,00% Vol

Sugar: 160 g / l

Organoleptic CharacteristicsColour: straw yellow with golden reflections. Taste: sweet, delicious for softness and creaminess. Bouquet: fragrance and great concentration. Arise hints of dried fruit and romatique herbs in an intriguing blend of feel.

Serving temperature: 16-18 ° C.

Pairing: particularly suitable with sweet almond and Sicilian cassata.

Ageing Process: It may be subjected, in a suitable environment, for a middle period of maturation in order to exalt better its high-quality.