Metodo Classico Brut - Ferreri

Metodo Classico Brut - Ferreri

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0.750 cl

VARIETY: Catarratto Extralucido 100 %.

WINE CLASSIFICATION: Quality Sparkling Wine Metodo Classico - Millesimo 2012 - Riserva

VINEYARD ALTITUDE: 300 metres above sea level, hilly, in C.da Besi and Calviano (Castelvetrano, province of Trapani, western Sicily)

SOIL TYPE: clayey-sandy of medium consistency

GROWTH SYSTEM: Guyot espalier (6-8 buds/plant), 3500 plants/hectare

MANUAL HARVEST: at the beginning of August, with selection in the vineyard of the healthiest grapes collected in 20 kg crates.

VINIFICATION: on the same day as the harvest, soft pressing of the grapes with separation of the must from the skins, which is clarified with the help of cold, then alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts is started, which takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16-17 °C until the sugars are completely exhausted; at this point the base wine is stored at a temperature of around 5 °C until the spring following the harvest

SPARKLING: the base wine is topped up with yeast and sugar, bottled and corked with a crown cork and the bottles are kept lying in stacks for more than 20 months; they undergo a slow and regular re-fermentation, retaining the carbon dioxide developed during the process and leaving the future sparkling wine with a fine, persistent perlage

CORKING: 30 months after the harvest, the bottles are removed from the stacks and placed upside down in a vertical position so that the fermentation residues can all be collected towards the cork; when the cork is removed, the pressure generated during the frothing process will expel the residues. At this point, the bottle is corked with the mushroom cap.

ALCOHOL: 12.50 %.


COLOUR: straw yellow, with rich mousse and a fine, persistent perlage

NOSE: hints of hazelnut, walnut husk and honey are noticeable, but everyone can discover their own

FLAVOUR: fresh, complex, persistent and dry leaves the mouth pleasantly clean

METHOD AND SERVING TEMPERATURE: it should be left to rest for at least a day in the refrigerator and served at 6-8 °C

GASTRONOMIC MATCHES: This is a sparkling wine with character, very suitable for accompanying dishes, even those with strong flavours, and as an opening to hors d'oeuvres. To end a meal, it goes very well with dry biscuits and tarts that are not particularly sweet.