Pignatello - Ferreri - 2018

Pignatello - Ferreri

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Pignatello or Perricone, a typical vine from western Sicily. Vinified in purity, an intriguing complexity of flavors and aromas and a strong unique personality are obtained, very typical and representative of the Sicilian land.

Perricone is a native black grape variety originating from Western Sicily.

At the end of the nineteenth century it was the most widespread grape variety in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani (where it is called Pignatello) and was used for the vinification of Marsala Ruby. The synonym Pignatello seems to derive from the "pignatiddare", the aluminous clayey lands of Trapani, so called because they are used in the manufacture of pots (terracotta) for cooking. The wine has an intense red and violet reflections, with hints of cherry, plum and goudron, notable structure in the mouth.