Marsala Vergine Riserva Soleras - F.lli Montalto front

Marsala Vergine Riserva Soleras - F.lli Montalto

300,00 €270,00 €10%
0.750 cl

Winery: F.lli Montalto

Grapes: Grillo & Catarrato.

Production area: Marsala.

Alcohol content: 19%.

Bottle: 0,750l.

Marsala Vergine is a noble wine from grapes Grillo and Catarratto birth caressed by the sun and cloaked by the Mediterranean breeze of the far western tip of Sicily.
His homeland is legitimate Marsala and is protected by D.O.C.
From the pressing of the grapes and the ancient systems of craftsmanship, you get the classic Marsala wine that after long years of aging in oak barrels assumes unparalleled flavors, golden color more or less intense, warm, rich and harmonious bouquet , pleasantly velvety.
Marsala is a wine of great versatility, to be enjoyed at the times and in the most varied occasions: at meals or between meals.
Marsala Soleras is the oldest reserve in our cellars.