Marsala Vergine riserva buffa front

Marsala Vergine Riserva - Buffa

50,00 €45,00 €10%
0.750 cl

Only the high quality of the raw material can guarantee refinements of over ten years, getting a great character, amber-colored wine, evolved tertiary aromas, dry taste and persistent aftertaste, comparable to the great spirits.

Type: Fortified DOP White.

Grapes: Grillo & Catarrato.

Production area: Marsala.

Alcohol: 18%.

Sugars: Dry product.

Bottle: 0,750l.

Yield per hectare: 50 quintals.

Formation of "tanning": Base wine over 16% alcohol is added to the alcohol, to obtain an alcohol content of 18 °.

Ageing: In wood is carried out for a long period (average 10 years) in Slavonian oak 50 hl, then completed in 225 liter French oak.

Visual inspection: Gorgeous its amber color with golden hues.

Nose: Penetrating notes of dried fruit and typical of walnut, exotic fruit and sweet tobacco, tamarind and root of china; For iodine sensations, thyme, musk and vanilla.

Taste: Elegant Extraordinarily; alcohol brings softness and is masterfully metabolized by the imposing structure. The finish is a long carousel of nuances already perceived by the nose. Longevity "eternal."

Pairing: Marsala Vergine structured holding very well any combination with strong flavors, from chocolate to mature and blue cheeses, interesting for the preparation of foods with matching table. Beautiful with cigars.

Serving temperature: 14-18 ° C