Mueggen - Murana - Passito di Pantelleria front

Mueggen 2011 - Murana - Passito di Pantelleria

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Salvatore Murana

Winery: Salvatore Murana

Production: Sicily - Pantelleria - DOC

Variety: Muscat of Alexandria 100%

Age: 2011

Alcohol: 14.5%

Serving temperature: 12/14 ° C

On sunny rocky lava stone terraces on the island of Pantelleria, in the Coast vineyards, Gadir, Mueggen, Khamma and Martingana, my family traditionally cultivated the Muscat of Alexandria grape commonly called Zibibbo.
Due to the nature of the soil and climate of this small island in the middle of the Mediterranean, the low vines produce few bunches of grapes that are picked up in August, selecting only the best and left to dry in the sun on spreading stone in the vineyard, to 10 -12 days, taking care to manually turn them several times.
The grapes are then gently squeezed and the juice rich in sugar and natural flavors is fermented to obtain such a wine that, thanks to the special climate of birth and withering offers pleasant sensations, intensely fruity aroma of apricots and peaches in syrup, to taste sweet , full, spicy but not cloying.
Ideal for dessert and pet, where the fruit of so many feelings about the particular nature of the island.

sweet yellow wine with topaz golden hues. The warm, sweet aroma, with notes of dates, dried figs and candied citrus. The smooth taste, warm and enveloping.
In temperature-controlled stainless steel after drying the grapes.