Baglio Florio - Cantine Florio - Marsala Vergine

Baglio Florio 1990 - Cantine Florio - Marsala Vergine

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Cantine Florio

Winery: Florio

Production: Sicilia - Marsala - (D.O.C.).

Variety: Grillo

Age: 1990

Alcohol: 19%

Baglio Florio marsala wine has an old gold color, bright, with topaz shades.
The scent of the Baglio Florio is intense and ethereal, with great finesse, with slight hints of vanilla, burnt honey and toasted hazelnuts.
The flavor is dry and smooth, with hints of licorice and almond merged into a delicate and harmonious note of vanilla. The alcohol content of the wine Marsala Baglio Florio is 19% vol. Its sugar residue is a few grams per liter.

Quantity produced

Only in the best vintages, 10,000 bottles of 750 ml.

wine food pairings Marsala Baglio Florio

An excellent aperitif, with smoked fish appetizers or with hard cheeses average tasty.
Great meditation wine, intense and extraordinarily persistent.
For lovers of strong flavors, we recommend tasting wine marsala Baglio Florio along with Pecorino Sikelian Monti or Sicilian Pecorino with bergamot jam.
The serving temperature is 10-12 ° C.
The glass recommended to taste better the wine marsala Baglio Florio is the cup in very large, tulip and transparent.